The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase

Creating awareness

Business opportunities don’t just happen. They’re created. The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase is all about creating opportunities for local businesses — especially small businesses — to succeed.

The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase is a weekly multimedia program dedicated to the region’s commerce. Each week, the GCBS gives local businesses of all kinds and sizes a chance to show off their wares and services through a unique blend of traditional television, online video, and social media.

Besides airing on local broadcast television, the showcase will be available on-demand through the GCBS channel on Roku and Vimeo. Individual segments also will be posted online.

Economic engines

America’s small and medium-sized businesses are a vital part of the U.S. economy, and their success is essential to our economic growth and prosperity. We believe local communities should go above and beyond to support local businesses and entrepreneurs. That’s why the Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase exists.

Small businesses are economic engines, consistently responsible for creating three-quarters of the country’s new jobs, and they pay more than 44 percent of the country’s private payroll. They also are often more nimble and more creative than their larger competitors, quickly introducing innovative products and ideas into the market.

Step into the spotlight

The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase offers small businesses the kind of exposure that’s normally out of their budgets. For a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, the showcase provides coverage on television, online, and in social media in the 24-county Cincinnati designated market area. That coverage includes:

• Weekly show on Fox 19/WXIX-TV, covering 2.1 million viewers in the Cincinnati designated market area (DMA).
– Two 4-minute to 5-minute featured segments on different weeks
– Eight 30-second commercials aired on weeks your featured segments don’t
• Production of commercial and showcase segments
• 10-week social media campaign, including:
– Two live streaming events from our Resource Marketing studio
– Targeted posts
• Print media exposure
• Inclusion on the GCBS channel on Roku (40 million subscribers)
• Unlimited license to use all of the video we produce for your marketing initiatives — on your website, on your social media, with your prospective customers, and more

Premium options for showcase participants include:
• New business package, web site design and hosting
• In-studio and on-site video production

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