Butterflies & Beards

... or 'How do you say proboscis?'

Did you know that butterflies have beards? We didn’t. That is until we imported our 4K footage shot at the Krohn Conservatory. This is WAY beyond hi-def. More than four times beyond, to be precise.

Our technology tells your story better

How do you communicate beauty? How do you sell wonder? The butterflies at the Krohn have to be seen to be believed. Our 4K technology coupled with our love of beauty and our eye for the extraordinary enable us to bring the visitor into the world of the unseen. You would have to be a butterfly yourself to see this world any better than we show you in this short film. Come to our office and see what 75″ of 4K glorious color looks like.

We can do this for you

You probably think your product or service can’t be marketed like this. What you don’t know is that we can see things about what you do that you can’t see yourself. We bring fresh eyes to your business. From the aerial shot to the macro closeup, we will discover things about your business that you didn’t even realize. Then we use our cutting-edge technology to bring that awareness to your customers, awareness that translates into sales. After, who knew that butterflies have beards?