Filmic for Augusta, KY

Golden Hours

The Golden Hours

How do you really describe a small town like Augusta? Yes, that’s where the Clooneys hail from. But there is so much more in this sleepy little town that can only be seen and felt, not described. The best hours to appreciate a small town like this are the golden hours surrounding the rising and setting of the sun.

We Love Beauty

Beauty transforms us. It gives life meaning. Our filmmaking touches the viewer and changes them in a way like no other. At Resource Marketing we use that ability to tell your story, open the viewers’ consciousness, expand their vision, and place a call to action in the quiet of their minds.

What is time?

We painted Augusta with the color palettes of the golden hours to relate the beauty and the feel of this quiet river town. We used time as a paint brush as we slowed it to reveal the joyful leap of a dog as it jumps into the river. We sped up time to witness the setting of the sun. Resource Marketing has the filmic technology and the skills and talent to tell your story, whatever it is.