Advertising for Eagle Ridge Builders

Sales Double


Eagle Ridge Builders in Temple, Texas doubled their business in the 12 months following the release of their new web site and customer testimonial video we did for them. The following year their next challenge was to handle the increased business and again they turned to Resource Marketing.

Using Film to Educate Clients

Eagle Ridge determined that they spent a large portion of their time answering questions of their home buyers. What if we could build an educational video that explained the Eagle Ridge home building process? Could that save them time and money answering repetitive questions from their clients? Lots of folks shy away from custom built homes because the perceived cost and time it takes to build their dream home. Perhaps an educational video would even increase their sales.

We flew to Temple and had 3 days to plan, write a script, coach the actors, and shoot 9 scenes that make up the short film. We used real customers and their real staff to save costs, and the result once again proved the value of custom film in building a business.