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Vertical Mile

American Lung Association

Sure, you ran a mile back in high school, everybody had to in Phys. Ed. Sure, you could do it again if you really wanted to. But my guess is that you couldn’t do it like Marty Sanders, and that is straight up!

This video doubled fund raising results

Martin Sanders has had a fascination for this extreme sporting event for many years where he races 19 other elite runners up and down the Carew Tower stairs ten times for a total of one mile up and one mile down. For Marty, the most important challenge is to raise money for the American Lung Association.

Every year in February you’ll find Marty on the stairs raising more for this event than most all of the other athletes. The year this video was produced Marty not only won the overall event and raised the most money, but it doubled his previous year’s contributions. While Marty attributes his fundraising success to this video, we think our film most likely prepared him physically to win it as well. We totally wore him out during filming, “Just one more take, Marty.” 🙂

The Assault on Carew Fight For Air Climb

The American Lung Association sponsors the Assault on Carew Fight For Air Climb every February. Over 500 participate in various stair climbing events throughout the day, but only 20 athletes are invited to compete in the vertical mile. They get the pleasure of climbing up and down the tower over 10 times, while all the other events are up the staircase once only.

The world’s tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is enormous but it is just over one half a mile tall. To climb a mile’s worth of steps you will be climbing roughly twice the height of the Dubai Tower. Marty and his associates climb over 8000 steps in less than 2 hours. We made this short film to help illustrate the challenge and demonstrate Marty’s preparation. It also served him well as it was key to his fundraising success.