PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is a combination of systems, servers, and practices that ensure security in the electronic commerce environment.

Resource Marketing launched its web hosting division, rm1.net, in 1996 when it released one of the industry’s first shopping cart, TrustCart. Long before PCI standards in 1998 Resource Marketing was the first commercial site to receive the AICPA WebTrust seal, a pioneer security vetting process. Resource Marketing have been leaders in eCommerce security ever since.

For a PCI compliant web site, it needs to be hosted on a dedicated server with limited access. RM provides such service and keeps the software up-to-date with all security patches. RM has a perfect record of no security breaches of our ecommerce platforms since 1996. However, examinations need to be made in the rest of the data chain to ensure PCI compliance.

To make sure all other requirements for PCI compliance are met, RM partners with Omega Processing, a merchant processor with vast experience in guiding end users through the PCI compliance maze of regulations. Since 2003 Omega has helped businesses comply with their easy-to-follow business policies and disclosures that protect the business from losses occurring due to PCI non-compliance. Their helpful staff is alway available on the phone for support, and their perfect record of security lets business owners and shareholders rest easy.

Our partnership with Omega allows RMI to monitor unusual activity in your merchant account that can be a signal of compromised site or hackers attempting to penetrate systems. A happy confluence occurs when Resource Marketing refers clients to Omega. Omega Processing’s low cost-plus pricing normally results in savings that more than cover all costs concerning PCI compliance, include the additional cost of a dedicated server.