Live Streaming Solutions

Broadcast Quality Video/Audio

Whether we stream your live content to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or other social media platforms or even directly onto a web page, Resource Marketing uses the same quality production methods as used on our award-winning films and TV shows. We believe the future of traditional broadcast media is social media and we combine them on our TV Show The Greater Cincinnati Business Showcase as seen on Fox19. We used the same technology at the 2017 Interbike convention to stream 10 live half-hour programs live to Facebook which we recorded and edited for later broadcast on American Outdoors.

Simultaneous Multicam Streaming and Recording

To make your content as appealing as possible for today’s short attention spans you can’t rely on amateur iPhone video. We use multiple cameras with motion stabilization and switching between angles, just the same technology that your audience is used to seeing in broadcast media and in feature films. We not only stream the live switched version in full HD, but record all camera angles for later editing.

Increase Your Audience

If your event is worth having, it is worth having more view it. Whether your event is corporate, non-profit, entertainment, or educational, you can increase your content distribution through live streaming and recording. The Newport Business Association had a 50 fold increase in exposure using our services. The Sister Accord increased their exposure from 40 in attendance to over 18,000 via live streaming. The Kentucky Symphony added 3000 more concert goers to their Devou Park concert. Newport on the Levee tripled their audience for their Live from the Levee concert. Your audience continues to build even after the live streaming via sharing with social media. Just having the message, “XYZ company was LIVE” increases views after the fact. Contact us today to find out how we can help your event reach more. You go to all that effort to put on your event, why not make it more effective?

Network TV

We were live on Facebook from Interbike 2017 in Las Vegas. We broadcast the segments later on the TuffTV cable network to 48 million homes. The episodes here include blank commercial breaks for network use.

Live Facebook Examples