eCommerce Solutions

basketResource Marketing has been building enterprise solutions for over 20 years. When we started we wrote our own shopping cart solution because nothing was available, and it is still in use. Since then we have installed every major shopping cart. We know their strengths and weaknesses and we choose a solution using our proprietary software to best fit your business. We have come to the conclusion that companies might as well drop the “e” from ecommerce. It is now just commerce. Period. Our solution includes:

   • Multiple interface management, responsive design works equally well with desktop and mobile systems.
   • Integration with analytics to monitor and analyze your customers interface and activity.
   • Integration with sales marketing, direct sales email.
   • Integration with your accounting system.
   • Multiple jurisdiction sales tax tracking.
   • Multiple payment options, assignable by role and by customer.
   • Multiple pricing options, assignable by role and by customer.
   • Integration with your ERP software.
   • Integration with payment systems.
   • UPS Shipworks integration.
   • HTTP/2 and CDN support.
   • Integration with Kardex-Remstar robotic picking system.
   • Multichannel sales on one site (retail and multiple layers of wholesale).
   • Complete interface and reporting customization.

Doesn’t ecommerce increase our sales transaction costs?

No, it decreases your costs because your clients enter in all of the data and all you do is fill the orders. The shopping cart tracks inventory and marks stock availability. Your customers are used to shopping on the web and can find all of their questions answered on your site. Many companies restrict access to their phone numbers to customers who have already read their FAQ. The payroll you save more than pays for the cost of the platform.

We can’t use ecommerce because we have special classes of customers that get discounts, and we track commissions from certain groups of sales. We tried the solutions out there and nothing works.

Resource Marketing makes it easy to do whatever you need because we are developers and can adapt to meet your requirements. Whether it is special classes of customers that get special discounts, whether you need to track commissions, or need any kind of special handling of your transactions, we can make it happen.

We can’t sell retail to the public because we have dealers. 

Resource Marketing has a proprietary solution that integrates dealer and retail pricing. Your dealer price is protected, and your dealers are able to see that you are zealous in protecting their margins.

Our dealers like to call in their orders.

Actually, they don’t. Once they have the opportunity of ordering 24/7 from their mobile phones and tablets they only order online. More than one half of all ecommerce transactions are done from mobile devices. Below is a screen shot of a one second sampling of one client’s off-hours traffic. You can’t afford a staff to handle this kind of traffic, only ecommerce can help you. (BTW we set these data analytics up for you and show you how to use them.) Your current site could be missing out on over half of potential customers because it is not mobile friendly. You need an expert to make this happen.


We only work with large dealers with large orders.

That’s because your acquisition and accounting costs are so high. With that you also carry high receivables. Using ecommerce dealers set themselves up. All you do is log in and approve new dealers. Dealers do all the work in placing the orders, so your dealer support costs go way down. No special handling is required to fulfill dealer orders, they go out just like retail orders. As you help smaller dealers grow, they become bigger dealers and your volume increases, and with it your cash flow.

Our biggest dealers only use purchase orders.

You will find once you start adding new dealers that they expect to pay via credit card. This is an enormous cash flow advantage. Resource Marketing has a proprietary solution that can integrate existing purchase order customers into your order flow, without tipping off new dealers that you accept payment by purchase order. This helps you maximize your cash flow.

bankOur bank doesn’t like internet orders.

It has been our experience that most companies fear their bank. No wonder! With Operation Chokepoint and other excessive regulations bankers and politicians want to control your business. We work with our banks to find a better solution for you, one that may save you thousands of dollars per month.

Internet orders are an accounting nightmare.

Our decades of accounting and ecommerce experience allow us an enormous advantage in streamlining your accounting. Our number one solution can integrate with QuickbooksQuickbooks Online, Freshbooks, Sage, Xero and more. Your software not listed? We have proprietary solutions that can integrate ecommerce transactions into any accounting workflow.

scurityOur custom accounting package offers an online solution.

That is a bad idea. It will open your network up to the world and therefore to hackers. It is common for ecommerce sites to be hit dozens of times each second by hackers. Security is for professionals only. Your custom accounting provider may have thousands of installs, while our software engine is in use by millions of sites.

We can’t afford an expensive shopping cart solution.

Some clients think that they can handle this themselves using a DIY software package. They quickly learn how fast they can get in over their heads. We have had more than one prospective client who found their site completely down, unfixable, and in some cases hacked, who then asked us to rescue them. Our hosting fees are reasonable and we put you in a hosting solution that will scale as your business grows. We are transaction based and charge a small percentage of your online sales. As your volume increases our costs become trivial in comparison to your overall cash flow. And you can sleep at night knowing we are working for you.

We need help building our dealer network and retail customer base.

We are a full service ad agency. We learn your business, we define its distinctives, formulate a marketing and advertising strategy, and are there to make you grow. We don’t make money unless you do, so we are highly incentivized to make you a success. We embed ourselves in your business fully, from banking to fulfillment, to advertising, marketing, and brand development. We use industry proven techniques to make you succeed. Call us today at 1-800-891-6661 to have one of our professionals discuss your needs.

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