Shooting Sports

We know the Shooting Sports industry. If you haven’t read about our eCommerce solutions, you can read about them here. For the Shooting Sports industry, and other industries that are considered “high risk” by the banking regulations known as Operation Chokepoint, Resource Marketing can guide you through the regulatory waters to safely and reliably process merchant banking transactions to keep you in business.

Federal Firearms License. As far as we know, Resource Marketing is the only Advertising/Media/eCommerce Solution Provider that is authorized by the ATF to receive firearms for photographic purposes. That means you can legally ship to us, and we can return the firearms without you taking a gun out of inventory thereby making it a “used” firearm. Also, our understanding of ATF regulations has enabled us to build our eCommerce platform with FFL control, so that dealers and manufacturers can sell directly to the public. Retail customers can select which FFL holder they want their firearm shipped to, by selecting it from a list of up-to-date licensees.

2nd Amendment Advocate. In 2016 we produced a mini-documentary, Operation Chokepoint Revealed that outlines the challenges faced by 2nd Amendment companies. We were back in Las Vegas at SHOT Show in 2017 and met with more victims. It appears that the regulations have not eased, but have tightened even more with the new Trump administration.

This making of this documentary was contributed to our earning the 2nd Amendment Business Developer of the Year. Read our case studies and view our work to get a complete picture of our agency’s capabilities. Some highlights for the firearms industry:

• Complete branding expertise
• In-house video film studio that can come to your location
• Green screen studio, motion control equipment
• Pre- and post-production studio
• Live Facebook streaming and social media expertise
• State-of-the-art 4K film studio equipment
• Complete selection of 4K Cine Ultra-prime lenses in all focal lengths
• 3D animation capability
• High speed cameras generating ultra-slow motion film
• Aerial cinematography
• In-house copy-writer with 25 years experience
• TV commercial production
• Complete stills photography studio
• Over 100 years combined cinematographer experience
• FFL dealer registration – ship your firearms to us for filming
• 20 year record as a world leader in eCommerce
• We did SEO before there was SEO
• Google-certified consultants
• In-house computer coding
• Proven Experience in the Shooting Sports
• Extensive contacts in placing media buys for the industry

Nowhere else can you find production experience, copy-writing and branding, eCommerce, FFL certified, computer coding, and media placement all in one location.

If your business is in the Shooting Sports industry, or any other that is targeted by Operation Chokepoint, or if you want us to do for your business what we have done for so many others before, call Christopher Swainhart directly at 859.866.8048.